Why you Should Stop Being Curious

I’m not here to give you generic advice

2 min readMar 11, 2022
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You’re terrible at managing your interests. It’s a fact.

New things grab our attention and keep us sedated in mediocracy.

We don’t actually do anything. We observe and go, “huh, that’s cool!” 10x a day.

Eventually, this becomes a habit.

You get stuck swaying between interests you can’t focus on long enough to create anything within.

You’ve heard all of the advice before, “schedule every second!”, “set good habits!”, and “buy my new book!”.

All of these are ineffective ways at managing your interests. Most are designed to take advantage of your attention and wallet.

Instead, destroy your interests.

Destroy your interests.

What does this even mean?

I was talking with my friend Don. Him and I are eerily similar.

Both of us have trouble with “too many interests”. You may have experienced something similar.

We discovered…

We need to focus less on creating new interests, and we need to focus more on destroying most interests.

This may sound like heresy to hobbyist polymaths, but anti-interests are so important to progression and motivation, most people don’t even talk about them.


Thinking about destroying interests is something we treat as so negative, we don’t even bother considering it.

Why you Should Stop Being Curious

It’s simple.

When you focus on less things, you can focus on what matters.

This is the number one rule of effectiveness.

Nobody can eat a feast. Eat a plate.

Destroy most interests for going deeper with a few.




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