Straightforward Communication Practices for “A-level” Networking & Career Building

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All of these methods are flexible and can be used in a variety of situations.

  • build meaningful business relationships
  • grow an audience
  • sell at your company

The Follow-up Game

Effective network building communication is no different.


Super Flexible Networking Email Script

  1. Say hello! (with their name)
  2. Make what you are saying relevant
  3. Give a reason for reaching out
  4. CTA (call to action) — Keep it open-ended.

In Practice

“Hi [name],

I saw you were [relevant evidence of them showing interest in something].

The reason I’m reaching out is because [why you’re calling].



[your name]”

Relatable Reasons

Small Important Details

CTA (Call to Action)

Last Thoughts

  • Follow-up consistently
  • Use the proper channels
  • Be relatable & reasonable
  • Provide a CTA



I skipped college, now I write for fun and not for grades.

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