Social Media: It’s Up to You To Use It Correctly

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The Cons of Interconnectedness

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  1. Radical ideas can spread like wild-fire through social media
  2. Social media can be used to dox and stalk people
  3. People may feel excluded or are excluded from certain communities
  4. It can be used as a platform for online-bullying and destructive behaviors

Aside from silly online trends, social media can lead to destructive groupthink. In fact, it’s designed for that.

How Do We Use Social Media To Our Advantage Even Though Its Against Us?

  • Use it to spread positivity
  • Use it as a tool to look better for employment
  • Use it to discover new, interesting ideas
  • Use it to advertise your business
  • Use it to make connections with people you love
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It’s up to you to use it correctly.



I skipped college, now I write for fun and not for grades.

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