Is the USA as free as you think?

7 min readJul 14, 2021
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I am proud that I am free, but…

What am I free from?

It’s been exactly 225 years since the USA has gained Independence from Great Britain. America is totally different from what it used to be.

I want to compare today’s America to the pre-1776 13 colonies & answer these questions:

  • What did we become free from when we gained independence?
  • How free are we NOW compared to when we first gained independence from Great Britain?
  • Does America truly live up to being “the freest country on earth?”

We aren’t so free anymore

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The most fitting document to analyze in this investigation would be The Declaration of Independence.

A large chunk of The Declaration of Independence (DOI) is literally just a list of evidence as to how the King of Great Britain was being tyrannical over the 13 colonies.

In other words, the DOI, in part, is a list of wrongdoings by the King. These wrongdoings led the 13 colonies to desire independence.

Here’s a summarized list of the primary wrongdoings:

  1. He refused to approve laws that the 13 colonies found to be important
  2. He created new branches of government that were used to harass people
  3. He created standing armies to watch the people without their consent
  4. He made the military independent and superior to the people
  5. He did not allow the 13 colonies autonomy & unrightfully enacted legislation without the consent of the people
  6. He sent large numbers of armed troops to live among the colonists
  7. He cut off the trade of the 13 colonies from the rest of the world
  8. He imposed taxes without their consent
  9. He created situations in which many people died, had their stuff stolen or burned, and generally ruined peoples lives

After reading all of the stuff the King did, you can see why the people of the 13 colonies wanted out.

To summarize the document, the DOI’s main purpose was to remove the non-consenting governed of the 13 colonies out of the tyrannical rule of the King.

The writers of the DOI knew that for a government to truly “work” it had to work for its people. That meant the people had to directly consent to being governed.

The way our modern US government works doesn’t rely on the direct consent of the people. Remember, as American citizens we have the right to demand out of the government what we want. BUT, that isn’t happening.

That means, we aren’t truly free.

Our current government has strategically become more tyrannical. But how?

How America is slowly becoming like the King of Great Britain, a tyrant

American politicians, billionaire business leaders, prolific celebrities, & the elites are exploiting the systems in America to benefit themselves and destroy what freedoms we have. They have done this systematically over many, many decades, all without our direct consent. America is free. Free for the rich & influential.

Here’s a list of the things they have exploited:

  • Taxes
  • The Monetary System
  • The Prison System
  • The Medical Industry

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Below, I’ll explain.

Income Tax is unconstitutional — taxes imposed without our consent

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Income tax began July 2, 1909 with the passage of the 16th Amendment.

There are arguments out there of how the passage of the 16th Amendment was illegitimate. However, the true unconstitutional nature of income tax comes from the government’s assumption that you are guilty until proven innocent until you pay your taxes.

The IRS assumes all of the fruits of your labor are theirs until you comply with paying them a “fee” to keep the money you rightfully earned. The IRS steals, it doesn’t produce anything other than thieves. And guess what? Biden proposed doubling the size of the IRS this year.

Now, there are arguments out there that suggest we need income taxes so we can pay for infrastructure like roads. But guess what? We had roads before we had income tax. And, the government uses our tax money to pay private contractors to build our roads anyways. That means the power to build roads isn’t in the government, its in the private sector. In other words, the power to build roads is in us, the people.

The government steals that money you earn and pumps it into things like welfare programs too. Many people believe that welfare is just used to help people who are struggling. However, your money is also used for corporate welfare. If you ever read about massive billion dollar bailouts, that’s your money hard at work.

Why should your money be used for a business that failed? Why is income tax needed if the private sector had the power to build roads all along? Why should the fruits of your labor be used for anything other than what you intend?

Taxation is theft, because if you don’t pay taxes, the IRS will force its way into your home and steal what they deem is theirs.

However, there’s more to this equation. The government can’t rely on our taxes alone, there’s not enough. Every year our deficit spending increases, and so does the national debt. Understanding how the Federal Reserve and the banking system works will help you open your eyes to how NOT-free we are.

The Fraudulent Federal Reserve & the banking system — We are debt slaves

Source: Coastal Wealth Management

This system is SO complicated that if I explained it here, I’d be an author of a new book. So I’ll direct you to THE resource for understanding this system further: Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney.

Here’s a few important things to know:

  • What the Federal Reserve is
  • How inflation is a way the Federal Reserve and Banking systems steals from you

Here’s a quote I found in this video that sums up the Federal reserve pretty well:

“The Federal Reserve System virtually controls the nations monetary system, yet it is accountable to no one. It has no budget, it is subject to no audit, and no Congressional Committee know of, or can truly supervise its operations”

Inflation, which is caused by the Federal Reserve & banking sector, destroys your freedom by diminishing your buying power.

They create artificial inflation by printing money:

See that spike on the right? That’s trillions of dollars being created out of thin air. That WILL cause inflation.

Why can’t the currency you hold be a unit of measurement as steady as 12 inches to a foot, rather than a fluctuating, uncertain value? When we were on the gold standard, this was the case.

Our own money is a way to disrupt our freedom. You can’t save what keeps plummeting in value.

3 Strikes and you’re… in prison for life

Mass incarceration is a form of modern day slavery. It destroys families and freedom.

The United States leads the world in incarceration rates:

The sentencing policies surrounding drug offenses got stricter in the 80s with the arrival of the “War on Drugs”. 1980s drug offenses compared to 2019s look like this:

People in Prisons & Jails for Drug Offenses, 1980 & 2019

Here’s some crazy things about these statistics:

  • “Most (drug offenders) are not high-level actors in the drug trade, and most have no prior criminal record for a violent offense.”
  • “Since its (the War on Drugs policies) official beginning in the 1980s, the number of Americans incarcerated for drug offenses has skyrocketed from 40,900 in 1980 to 430,926 in 2019.”
  • “In 1986, people released after serving time for a federal drug offense had spent an average of 22 months in prison. By 2004, people convicted on federal drug offenses were expected to serve almost three times that length: 62 months in prison.”

I’m convinced that the “War on Drugs” of the 80s is a method for taking the men off the streets and destroying families. This was a systematic way to decrease the freedoms of the people.

This is just another way our freedom in America is being destroyed.

Big Pharma — The Best Sales Pitch Ever

Doctors have the best sales pitch ever. “Don’t wanna die?… Pay me!”

Our medical industry is heavily exploited. We have the most expensive doctors on the planet and some doctors get paid more than CEOs.

American insurance companies and hospitals are set up to leech off of suffering people for profits. Many people don’t know what they have to pay until AFTER they receive the treatment! What happened to a free market with an availability of prices?

Isn’t America supposed to be capitalistic? In a capitalistic system prices should be driven down due to competition. But instead we have this:

People who get into life-threatening accidents are essentially made broke after treatments. Its more expensive to die than to live in America.

Take a Breath — Its over

If you just read all of that, congratulations! I hope you didn’t have a panic attack.

Please take a deep breath and relax for a bit…

As you have read, America isn’t so free after all. But, that doesn’t stop you from living your life.

Remember, freedom starts in your own mind. If you believe you are held in a cage, you won’t learn to fly. If you believe you can fly, you’ll soar.




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